Gravity Forms Range Slider

Gravity Forms Range Slider Demos

  • 6 Elegant Skins

  • Single/Double Handle

  • Basic Range Slider Settings – Minimum, Maximum, From , To, Steps

  • Grid Settings for Range Slider

  • Prefix, Postfix and Postfix Symbol

  • Custom Values for Range Slider

  • Prettify large values for Range Slider

Premium Version

Gravity Forms Features

All Slider Options controlled with UI

Add any number of sliders to a form without conflict

Supports Conditional Logic

Supports Calculations

Slider SettingsĀ 

Single or Double Handles

Show or Hide Grids

Snap Drag handle to Grid

Manage Minimum, Maximum Values

Manage From / To Values

Enable Steps

Support for Fractional Steps

Support for Negative and Fractional Values

Prettify Large Numbers with custom separator

Use Prefix or Postfix

Additional option to add postfix for maximum value

Custom Values for Slider other range (eg. Jan, Feb, Mar)

Layout and Styling

06 Beautiful Skins

Add your own css to customise further

Enable / Disable any UI element (Eg. Grids, labels)

Other FeaturesĀ 

Touch devices support

Cross-browser support. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+

Premium Support

Gravity Forms Range Slider Backend Settings

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